Thursday, September 22, 2011

City Plans for Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week (List of Events & Initiatives)

A number of events have been planned across the city to celebrate the the Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week during Oct 2nd - 8th, 2011. Following is a list (as of now) of both the city-wide initiatives as well as those planned within XLRI:
(Please write to us at JamshedpurJoyFest [at] for your participation, planned initiative and/or contribution)

Donate for Dignity: Like the past two years, one of the major city-wide initiatives being planned is to invite donations for material resources, and distributing them to the under-served and needy segments of the society through NGOs. Four specific collection and distribution initiatives are planned with the help of local schools, industries, Rotary, community organizations, NGOs and general public:

A donation drive to collect wearable (clean and complete) clothes items is planned, which will be distributed to the less-privileged – and a large significant is also planned to be sent for Orissa Flood Relief Operations, and if possible to Sikkim Relief Operations as well.

A donation and distribution drive for dry ration (rice, lentils, moodi, and biscuits) continue as one of the city-wide initiative. The distribution of these resources will be done through local NGOs – and through relief agencies working in Orissa and Sikkim - to ensure that they reach the right beneficiaries.

Donation and Distribution of Mosquito Nets
This year we plan to invite donation of 500+ Mosquito Nets and distribute them to the rural SHGs. At the moment, users in Dumaria and Potka have been identified as the beneficiaries. The distribution will be done by Kala Mandir.
(Contact: sigma [at] or Monica Bhatia, Kala Mandir, kalamandir.jsr [at], 7488145003)

Donation and Distribution of Un-used but Usable Medicines
An initiative to collect unused but usable medicines is planned with the help of city-based NGO, Cause for Change. These will be distributed to charity clinics and health camps organized by NGOs and civil society bodies.
(Contact: sigma [at] or Joydip Kr. Paul (07250271937)/ Mritunjaya Bhattacharjee (09162335200), Cause for Change, causeforchange [at]

(A complete list of collection centers across the city will be soon available at on this blog/site).

Other initiatives/ events across the city are:

  • Clean, Litter-Proof Jamshedpur Drive: XLRI students and volunteers from other organizations, with the help from JUSCO, will identify littered public spaces (footpaths, stained walls, etc.) and clean and beautify them.
    (Dates: Oct 1st & 2nd, 2011; Contact: Vivek Singhal (08102215067) sigma [at]

  • Eye Donation Pledge: A campaign to pledge Eye Donation is planned with the help of the city-based NGO, Roshni.
    (Contact: Wg. Cdr. P.N. Swamy (rtd.) Roshni Jamshedpur. No 1, inner circle road, opp gt hostel #1, Kadma, Jamshedpur. e-mail: pn_swamy2002 [at] Ph: 0657 – 2237203 / 9334048210 – or Mr Rajesh, na11035 [at] )

  • Training of SHG members: Like last year, XLRI students will be designing and training member of SHGs in partnership with Kala Mandir. This year the modules will be to equip the SHG members with business development skills for their micro-enterprises. This initiative will be launched on Oct 2nd, and will continue in the coming months.

  • Arunodaya: Inking the RECYCLED Future: One group of XLRI entrepreneurship course students will be collecting single-side used A4 sheets and converting them usable notebooks. These will be sold and proceeds will go to the charities and will also be distributed to the under-resourced schools in the city and villages.
    (Contacts: Amit Lakra, NA11003 [at], 8507444379; Pratik Panda, NA11033 [at], 9934458442; Sweta None, NA11047 [at], 9934505946; Swati Bhauka, NA11046 [at], 9835964212)

  • Muscial JoyFest for Orissa Flood Relief (Oct 8th): The Jamshedpur JoyFest will end with a musical concert to raise funds for Orissa Flood Relief Operations. The musical event will be held in the Tata Auditorium on Oct 8th evening. (Details will be shared soon)


    In addition, a number of activities have been planned by the XLRI students to celebrate the Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week. These are being organised by
    SIGMA (Contact: Vivek Singhal (08102215067) sigma [at] and
    CII-Yi (Contact: Prashant Shukla (07209407946) cii_yi [at]
  • Nukkad Natak: Like earlier years, the students will perform Nukkad Natak in Clubs, Housing colonies, pandals, to create awareness about the event.

  • Flag-Off Bike Rally (Oct 2nd, 9:00am): Bike rally on Oct 2nd to flag off the Week (CII-Yi)

  • Shadow A CEO: This event is in partnership with ISB Hyderabad and IIMs – Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta. The students will be bidding to spend one day with about 20+ selected CEOs during Sept 25th till Oct 4th on eBay. The Winning Bid amount will be donated to a charity/NGO selected by the CEO. The CEOs will also match or exceed the bidding amount for the charity. (SIGMA)

  • Health Camp (Oct 3rd): This year we have about 10 doctors on the campus among the students. We will try to use their skills to organize health-camps in under-served areas. This was done last two year also, and students are working out partnerships with local NGOs and CSR depts. (SIGMA)

  • Raddi Collection & Sale (Oct 4th): Collection and sale of Raddi to generate funds for gifts etc. (CII-Yi)

  • “Celebrating the Child” Day (Oct 4th): The XLRI students will be inviting children from under-privileged background to the campus to spend a day, and have planned various fun activities for them. (SIGMA)

  • “The Gift of Time” (Oct 5th): Like earlier years, XLRI students will visit the lodgers of “Missionaries of Charity- Nirmal Hriday” with gifts, and spend a day with them. (SIGMA)

  • Dussehra with Cancer Patients (Oct 5th or 6th): A small group of students (since there is a number limit from the hospital) will visit the cancer patients at the Meherbai Memorial Cancer Hospital, with sweets, fruits and flower. (CII-Yi)

  • “Giving Back to Environment” Day (Oct 6th): This day various activities, such as tree plantation, light-outs for an hour, etc. are planned. (SIGMA)

  • Silent Auction: “Donate Generously, Bid Generously” (Oct 7th): This is a fund-raising event. You may have ‘something’ which some others in the XL community may want to bid for and buy – the money will go to a charity/ cause. (CII-Yi)

  • “Serving Those Who Serve Us” Day (Oct 7th): The students will be serving a meal to the non-teaching and manual staff of the institute, play game with them. (SIGMA)

  • XL Teaches Day: The students will be visiting local schools, XITE, etc. to provide career tips, etc. The dates for these are being worked out in consultation with the school authorities. (SIGMA)
    The mailid for contacting and sharing your plans to participate/ contribute is:
    JamshedpurJoyFest [at]

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