Friday, September 30, 2011

Creating a benchmark for a "Litter-Proof" Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur being one of the 7th cleanest city in the country, finding a place to set this example to keep the city clean/ litter-less, etc, was a bit of a challenge...
..but yet, there are patches of neglect and vandalism

...with the growing neglect for environment and our own public spaces, this is the spot - slightly beyond the Novelty - which the volunteers from XLRI and JUSCO will clean, paint during the next two days - starting at 2pm

and become a part of The Ugly Indians movement...

...though, Yes!, the team still is looking for a ladder to clean the upper portions of the wall.. but guess, surely - "the universe will conspire" to make it happen...

if you are part of the "universe" (and Jamshedpur) help them out :0)
call: 0-8-1-0-2-2-1-5-0-6-7... if you can

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